Other Projects on OA in FP7

August 5th, 2009
In the FP7 Science in Society call in 2008, besides SOAP two other projects on the topic of access to scientific information have been selected for funding:

  • NECOBELAC: Network of collaboration between Europe and Latin American Caribbean countries

    This project aims to improve the production and dissemination of scientific information in public health by establishing a network of collaboration to spread knowledge on the methods of scientific writing and publishing and on appropriate tools for the open access dissemination of information for the protection of public health.


  • EUROCANCERCOMS: Establishing an efficient network for cancer communication in Europe

    This project looks at the issues surrounding communication and dissemination of cancer information across Europe and aims to to establish a single, efficient network for cancer communication in Europe, a “one stop shop” for people involved in cancer: professionals, patients, politicians, industry – everyone by using IT solutions which already exist to coordinate information which is already available.