The SOAP project aims to deliver to the European Commission, publishers, libraries and research communities a description and analysis of models of open access publishing, so that these key players may ascertain which model, or combination and variation of models, will enable them to make a smooth transition to open access publishing.

Our objectives are stipulated in the following:

  • The SOAP project will describe and analyse open access publishing. It will compare and contrast business models. Such an approach will allow for a better understanding of the marketplace as well as the opportunities and risks associated with open access publishing.
  • The SOAP project will conduct a large scale survey that will investigate the European Research Area (ERA) scholars’ requirements for scientific publishing. It is anticipated that the survey’s findings will uncover what researchers as authors are willing to trade off (and what they are not) in the transition to open access publishing.

Overall, the SOAP project intends to gather information, generate data and create knowledge that will enhance the search for further innovation in digital publishing in Europe, so that researchers will reap the benefits of these innovations and publishers will better understand market opportunities.